Nothing fires us more than seeing young budding organizations run by equally young individuals with the drive to create change by taking the initiative. i-initiate is one such organization and we are so happy to stand with them to support all their initiatives.

From their website: i-initiate.org:

I-initiate’ is a two year old organization driven by a group of youngsters from Mumbai. ‘I-initiate’ is a youth centric organization functioning in the key areas of development sector. The activities of ‘I-initiate’ focuses on the possible solutions brought out and lead by youth for solving current social challenges. The organization functions in areas of Quality Education, Better Governance and Eco-friendly alternatives. The organization intends to create a network of youngsters across greater Mumbai by initiating innovative and vibrant social enterprise models. 

One of their latest projects, ‘Cycle Chalao’ is to address the issue of providing a one stop solution for easing the traffic congestion and pollution clogging up Greater Mumbai and thereby reducing the travel time and health risks posed by routine pollution. Now, isn’t that great? What strikes out most about their initiatives is a practical and phased approach for the implementation.

Did you just ask yourself how you can help them? If you did, please get in touch with them through the contact form this instant, alternately feel free to contact me (akshay @ socialsync dot org) and I can put you in touch with them. So, what are you waiting for? 



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We at SocialSync would like to wish you and your near and dear ones a Very Happy New Year!

I received this message from a very dear friend of mine and would like to share it with you:

New Year is the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength & faith within you, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up for new challenges.

This really sums up our feelings as we move from 2008 to 2009. 2008 has been a great year for us:

  • We now work closely with 16 different organizations; big and small, from india and some from abroad (actually one)
  • We are an UnltdIndia Investee for 2009. UnLtd India works with start-up social entrepreneurs to help them grow as leaders and create high-impact, sustainable organisations. Know more about UnltdIndia here.

We see 2009 to be even more exciting as we would engage with many more organizations. More important we would be working closely with you. Going forward we would share with you more about the SocialSync Community Platform and seek your opinion and advice as we build it. We believe a true community platform can be only built by opening up all the channels for the community to contribute and give feedback; which we will. We really want to thank you for signing up for the SocialSync Community Platform and showing your interest.

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SocialSync was invited at the 3rd International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in India held on 4th and 5th December. The conference was organized by UnLtd India and Centre for Social Initiative and Management Supported by CSO Partners. It was a unique opportunity to meet NGOs, social ventures, changemakers and funders all together. The energy at the place was palpable.

On the 4th, SocialSync and all the other Unltd India investees for 2008-09 were felicitated in the amphitheater and got an opportunity to share our initiatives with the audience.  

 Don’t miss the video from the conference:

We would really like to thank and congratulate the team at Unltd India and CSIM for pulling off an event of this scale sucessfully. 

I would highly recommend reading the coverage of the conference on the Think Change India blog by  Aishwarya Mishra - link to part 1 and part 2

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We are really excited to share with you that SocialSync is now officially the Unltd India investee for 2008-09.

About Unltd India (src: www.unltdindia.org)

Unltd India is a new scheme to find, fund and support India’s next generation of social entrepreneurs - individuals who have the ideas and entrepreneurial skills to create a better world.

We are at the intersection of technology and social change and so for us it is very important to find the right partners and supporting organizations. We are really happy to have Unltd India by our side because they understand our work and our motivation the best. All of us are really looking forward for a very exciting year ahead.

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I (Akshay) and Swapnesh would be attending the Karmayog Get-Together today. We are really excited as this is one of its kind event being organized for NGOs and people involved in the social sector. Today is also the 4th Anniversary for Karmayog. Our hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to Karmayog for initiating this event. 

Know more about the event at the Karmayog website.


In a line: The Karmayog Get-Together was the event to be for everyone involved in the social and developmental sector in India.

It was good meeting people personally and connecting with them in that short time of a few minutes. At the same time it was heartening to see people finding value in SocialSync’s offering. Some walked back to us before leaving the venue and shared their words of encouragement and feedback. Thanks to everyone for making this event really memorable and a great learning experience.

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We would like to invite all organizations working for a positive social cause to the Pilot Program.

Some immediate advantages that we see for organization on joining the platform:
- Easily maintainable Web Identity.
- Unlimited pages to share the mission, vision and projects of your organization.
- Blog to connect with your constituencies and share your everyday stories.
- Dynamic News and Events system.
- Web standards and Web 2.0 compliant system (Ajax, CSS, XHTML).
- SocialSync community enabled platform.
- Be a part of the growing community at SocialSync.
- 100 MB space

As we have just initiated our Pilot Program we would also like to extend features like:
- Contact Forms
- Photo Gallery
- Initial Setup and Migration (Uploading the initial content etc.)

Subscription Charges:
- Take a look at our brochure. If our calculations are right the base offering will suffice for 82% of the organizations. Isn’t that a huge number? From time to time we would innovate and come up with exciting features to keep you engaged.

Sample website:


If you would like to know more about the initiative then don’t miss:

Why join SocialSync?
(This is long but a must read ;)


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A very Happy New Year. Wish you loads of luck and success.

There are some interesting updates from our side but we are holding them for the time being. I am sure just waiting for a little bit longer will make them even sweeter.

For us 2008 is going to be a defining year and we hope to create a positive difference by our endeavor.

Get ready for a set of updates from our side :)

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